Why I Went Cruelty Free and Never Looked Back

I’m going to be sharing reviews of cruelty free and paraben free products here on my blog; I’ve gradually made a change over to this lifestyle which I thought I’d share with you.  I felt this decision deserved a little context – There’s so much information online about animal testing especially and I would encourage anyone curious to do their research with an open mind.

 Cruelty free cosmetics… I’d not been ignorant to the fact that many designer and high street brands still tested on animals, however it wasn’t until I did further research throughout 2016 that I realised quite how prevalent this issue was. Something simply “clicked” in my head. I could try to reason to myself why animal testing MIGHT be essential for medical reasons, but for make up?

cruelty free, bunny, honey, cfbloggerI honestly felt embarrassed.  I didn’t want to buy products from a company that still tests on animals for reasons as superficial as make up. That’s the most simple and reductionist way I can put it.

I don’t believe that human vanity warrants pain, unfair conditions, shortened life spans, torture for innocent creatures and ultimately death. You wouldn’t dare do this to your own beloved dog, rabbit or kitten. So why support the plethora of companies that conduct testing on a massive scale? And for something as vulgar as profit? Cruelty free means living a kinder and more compassionate lifestyle.

I do not want to fund or buy into that culture. It is inhumane and cruel. 

I used to have a very large beauty and make up collection, but through 2016 I tried my best to use non-CF products up, be economical and not wasteful. Even if this meant using lipsticks as cheek stain! Products that I didn’t finish or want I gave away. At Christmas I put all of the make up, beauty and skin care items into a big box and let various family members root through and take anything they wanted. The few remaining left overs, were eventually binned.

Once I had released myself from the idea that I needed the next hype product, the latest wonder mascara or whatever marketing rubbish that would be inevitably trolled out… It was much easier to shed attachment to the high end brands. I ultimately knew “they” didn’t support my ethical beliefs. There’s a tiny part of me that thinks I’ll be curious when a new lip kit pops up, but knowing some of my pre-CF favourite brands and high end label products, were testing on animals, really upsets and offends me. It’s not a stance I’ll be going back on.



Going cruelty free was a slow steady process and I personally couldn’t afford to do it over night! As I’ve already acknowledged, I dwindled down my make up and skin care over the last year, slowly repurchasing and replacing products with CF alternatives. Testing and researching as I went, reading blogs and reviews to support and educate this relatively new lifestyle was immensely helpful. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, but I promise you, it is far more rewarding knowing that your money is being spent ethically.

How you spend your money, reflects your opinions, your stand and your commitment to a lifestyle that encourages the well-being of animals. 

I haven’t done this only to feel “better” about myself, but because I truly believe that animals deserve better. Human beings should treat them collectively with respectful and with dignity. I no longer wish to carry around a sense of guilt.  I instead believe in supporting great, sometimes smaller, lesser known brands that have clear, cruelty free, ethical policies and practices, that don’t compromise on quality and high performing products.

This post isn’t mean to lecture you as to why I believe cruelty free is a better ethical approach to beauty consumerism, but if you are interested the Cruelty-Free Kitty is an incredible blog that I found so resourceful and full of information when I first started my research. Another equally comprehensive site, with a great search tool feature is PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies which allows you to check if what you’re buying, or what you already own, is truly certified as cruelty free. Finally, one of the ultimate posts to start you off with information on animal testing can be found here!


Have you gone Cruelty free? What products would you recommend? Please let me know!

HF xx

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