A quick hello! I hope you had a lovely Sunday, whether you were doing Valentines related things or treating yourself to some extra chocolate and wine…

On Friday night my love took me to Rick Stein’s in Winchester, which is quickly becoming one of our favourite places to go to for a special occasion.


I had the mackerel salad with mango and papaya salad for starter. It was powerfully spicy due to the chilli and the pieces of mackerel were sprinkled over the salad like crispy seafood croutons – yum!  Sam had the salt and pepper squid (which he has tried before) and it did not disappoint.


For main, Sam favoured the famous cod & chips, I have tried this previously and can attest it is divine. If perfectly battered fish with a stack of the hugest/chunky/crunchy triple, quadruple (?!) cooked chips are your thing, this is for you.  I was treated to lobster thermidore which I will be dreaming about for months to come. I had never eaten lobster in this style before, the price is perhaps a little eye-watering but it was like nothing I have ever tasted; thick lobster meat in a decadently rich, creamy, sauce topped with hot, bubbling Gruyère — #foodporn

I had a side of skinny fries with my lobster to dip in the sauce, because why not? In Mr Stein’s own words: “There’s a renaissance of classic French seafood dishes. I’ve made it lighter and more fragrant and it’s rather good.” — Indeed it is! We only took one quick snap, which was of course of the food not us!


It was a sweet and very romantic evening, phones away, giggling and catching up over a delicious bottle of wine.

Thank you very much, my love! <3

Charlotte, aka HF x

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