The Easter Tag | 2016


This tag is currently going around Twitter so I jumped on the chocolate laden band wagon…

1. What does Easter/Good Friday look like in your country?

A long extended bank holiday during which most families get together, exchange eggs and sit down for a big roast on the Sunday!

In our household, Easter Sunday is a long lie in, then usually a special breakfast with croissants and fresh coffee, followed by exchanging chocolate and small presents. We normally have a roast followed by parlour games or silly quizzes and drinks.

2.Do you have Easter/Good Friday Traditions?

When we were little, Easter time meant a lot of church/mass as my sister and I were brought up Roman Catholic. Although I would not deem myself a “religious person” anymore, my fathers side of the family are, so our extended family drop in to our house more frequently as they attend mass with my Dad post-various services during this period.

Due to our religious upbringing, Easter seemed to be infused with so much more meaning and celebration in our family than it was in any of my friends from school. None of my class mates or friends from my neighbourhood were Christians so for them it was seen as “chocolate weekend!” whereas we understood it was a symbolic religious celebration.  I don’t remember feeling bothered about this, although I felt a little resentful when I was younger about the amount of church we had to attend, giving up all sweet treats for lent and generally feeling a little scared about the mass involving the crucifying of Jesus.

I remember the frisson of excitement which was on par with Christmas eve when Good Friday came around and remember getting significantly more presents than my non-Christian friends on the Easter Sunday, result!

3.What is the perfect Easter/Good Friday?

Relaxing really! Normally doing a few last minute chores to make the house look extra clean and tidy. We put an Easter tree made of twigs and decorate it with small painted eggs and tiny decorations such as rabbits and chickens. My Mumma normally lays the table in advance of the Sunday roast as she likes to decorate the dining room, put up bunting, special candles etc. then we aren’t allowed in there until the Sunday.

4. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?

We don’t really have the Easter Bunny in England — presents are shared and given amongst family members.

5. What is your favorite Easter Candy?

I love Lindt chocolate, although I don’t really have a sweet tooth so often I will melt my Easter chocolate down and make scrummy hot chocolates over the next couple of weeks.

6. What part of the chocolate bunny do you eat first?

Ears to feet? I feel so cruel saying that!

7. What is your favorite thing about Easter?

I love shopping for pretty Easter cards, chocolates and finding small gifts for my family and boyfriends family. I look forward to decorating my house with neat little bunting, bunches of daffodils and spring flowers and generally treating Easter as a celebration to welcome Spring into our house, after a very long, cold, dark winter in England.

8. What was your favourite Easter memory?

Probably my earliest memory, coming down from my bedroom to see our dining covered with chocolate eggs and toys.

9. What are your plans for the Easter weekend this year?

I spent it with my boyfriends family, we cooked a big dinner together on the Saturday, played with our niece and nephew, organised an egg hunt for the Sunday morning, went out to a local country bistro for a Sunday lunch and I had a yummy nut roast followed by an insaaaane cheese board (possibly a highlight of the weekend?). We then relaxed, curled up on sofas and watched a couple of family movies together. It was really special.

10. Do you colour eggs?

When we were little we did, I still remember aged 3, dying eggs at Nursery, dipping shells in warm coloured dyes and painting them once they had dried.

11. What would your perfect coloured egg be?

White with rose gold details.

12. Favorite Easter/Good Friday treat?

It’s allllllllllll about the big Sunday roast: chicken (or trout for me), crispy roast potatoes, greens, roasted butternut squash, broccoli, Yorkshire puddings, gravy…

13. Do you hunt/hide eggs?

We hide eggs for the little ones, so in addition to their big Easter egg, they have little baskets to hunt for smaller chocolate eggs.

14. What do you typically put in Easter baskets?

We don’t have baskets here, gifts are just given out in gift bags.

15. What does Easter/Good Friday mean to you?

Family time, food and rest.


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