Isn’t it great 2016 is FINALLY over? January Goals | 2017

Happy New Year Darlings!

Goals or, resolutions are synonymous with the start of a New Year, so I thought I’d share mine for 2017.

I hope your hangovers weren’t too bad on New Years day and that you are feeling as joyous and excited as I am for the start of a fresh year. There are some huge goals that I’m about to disclose…  These aren’t only for January but for the next twelve months. Long term commitments aren’t often shared (on my part) so publishing them for public consumption will be a good way of holding oneself accountable

Volunteering at a museum  — There’s a beautiful literary and historic museum near where I live. I’ve been meaning to submit an application to volunteer there for a while now. I want to commit a couple of days a week, offering my skills and experience from previously working in the Museum and Heritage sector. This is a reminder to fill out those forms and give some support!

Slimming World Online — Oh Gosh. A diet plan, weight loss goal for 2017. I will do a “proper” post explaining but briefly, I REALLY need to lose weight. My health, well being, and body need a serious shake up from some of the poorer lifestyle choices I make. Starting this plan will be the first steps I take toward being a healthier human in 2017 and I will be sharing the results and efforts with you

Keep Reading 3 Books a Month — I couldn’t keep up with a-book-a-week attempts in 2016. I have slightly adjusted this to something more reasonable, that way if I want to take on a huge 600 page, historic biography, there’s still breathing space for some easy reading

Paraben free and Cruelty free — I’ve gone Paraben free, cruelty free and am now using products with high percentages of organic, natural materials and ingredients. This applies to not only beauty, make up and skin care but all other products in my life. Whether they’re used in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, I ultimately want to move forward utilising healthier alternatives

Have you made any NY goals or resolutions this year? Please share them with me, I’d love to know!

Love always,
Charlotte x

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