Barcelona | 2016











A few snaps from our recent stay in Barcelona, this August.

1. Boyfriend and the beautiful boulevard by the Arc de Triomf
2. Incredible underground Roman ruins
3. Another shot of the museum, slightly creepy…
4. & 5. Our villa was part of a huge vineyard, the hosts gave us a friendly, personalised tour of the vines and their factory/company. It was educational and I got to do my first wine tasting after!
6. The temperature was around 30-33 degrees every day, I’ve never stayed somewhere so hot or been spoiled with so much sunshine.
7. My little nephew, who is currently fascinated with my glasses and keeps pulling them off my face, declaring “Wow, it all looks funny!” before passing them back
8. This. Pizza. Ohmy. Truffles, truffle cream, delicious herbs, rocket… also located next to the Sagrada Famillia so lunch with an awe inspiring view
9. Mid jump shot! Our infinity pool was one of the best parts of our villa, the view across the hills and vineyards was incredible
10. This bar boasted the best mojitos in the city, they were fresh, sugary, zesty and bloody potent!