August Goals | 2016


Hello there!

I appreciate this late in the month is a little late for “goalz” but in my defense I’ve been on holiday for 2 1/2 and half weeks and with packing/last minute errands, I didn’t have time before that to post!


  1. Properly unpack when back from holiday and not leave laundry stagnating in a suitcase! Decant make up products and hand out gifts and souvenirs for friends and family — you know, the proper holiday decompression process.
  2. Wardrobe clear out! Put up on Ebay the masses of unworn clothes that have been sitting (or hanging up) in my wardrobe, I’m never going to wear those weird tweedy Ralph Lauren trousers that I impulse bought, they cost quite a bit, so I really should sell them on and let someone else appreciate them in all their eccentricity and get a bargain…
  3. Make an effort to spend some time with my little sister, hang out and try not to antagonise each other… possibly have fun! This is a biggy as we live relatively close but aren’t good at making time for each other, its mutual but I feel as we get older we should be getting into a habit of it. As I type this, we’ve got a sister day out at Ikea planned, cheap scented candles and new bedding here I come!
  4. Ask a favour of my Dad and get him to come and fit my new copper light shade — I haven’t been able to do this since I recently redecorated my bedroom and it’s one of the final touches to complete.
  5. Rewrite and update my CV. This is something I’ve been putting off for a while, I’m currently searching for a new job so really need to get a new covering letter together and update the whole document. Eurghhhh. (If anyone has any hints or tips, hit me up!)

What are your plans with the remainder of this summery month?



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