Low Key Valentines Date Night

Valentines is a sweet night that offers the opportunity for a little extra thought and care than usual. Whether you’re dining out or staying in as we are this year, it’s thoughtful to make an effort for the one you love. As Valentines falls on a Tuesday this year (aka a school night!) we are celebrating on the Friday therefore shareing several glasses of fizz and enjoy each others company. This is my “recipe” for a simple yet romantic night in…

1. Pop a bottle of your favourite fizz or tipple in the fridge, to chill well in advance!

2. If cheesy heart shaped bunting isn’t your thing, scattering small tea lights around your living room or bedroom adds a simple yet romantic touch

3. I’ll apply few extra coats of my favourite (non toxic and cruelty free) mascara — I love this particular one as it someone how curls and thickens my lashes

4. & 5. Have queued up on Spotify a playlist of your mutual favourite songs – you may favour something more smooth and melodic to set the mood on this particular date night

6. Download the latest episode of your favourite current TV show, or a movie you’ve been aching to see. We’ve been watching Taboo on BBC iPlayer and are obsessed with this new moody, gritty period thriller. Tom Hardy is menacing, sexy and intriguing in equal measure!

7. Of course I’ll be wearing my favourite perfume, it wouldn’t be date night with out it 🙂

8. So I’ve discovered this brand of candle recently and love them! It’s a wood wick candle and as well as lightly scenting your room, it crackles and pops as it burns thus giving the subtle sound effect of a small crackling fire — If like me, you don’t have a fireplace, talk about added ambience right?

9. For DINNER: Choose a mutually loved recipe that isn’t too difficult and preferably low maintenance. You don’t need to cook several courses and feel moderate amounts of stress. I’m going for Jamie O’s scrumptious Paella — 1 pan dishes are perfect! It also reminds me of our first holiday together to Barcelona, which has many drunk on love memories 🙂
Final tip! Sophisticated napkin folding tutorial is a sweet final touch to smarten up your table!

I hope whatever you do for V day, you eat well, exchange cards with friends or lovers and furthermore enjoy your own company!

What are your plans?

Love & hugs