The five things I’m loving this week…

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1.) Neom Organics London Essential Sleep Kit

A very lovely Christmas gift. The three products are supposed to help soothe before bed time, in the form of a pillow pray, a body oil and a roll on perfume. I love the botannical mix of lavender, herbs and is that teatree I smell? The scents are divine and slumber inducing. I keep this kit on my bedside table and use it when I’m experiencing bad anxiety before sleeps. I am definitely going to repurchase the sleep spray as it’s my favourite of the three products.

2.) This gorgeous notebook, I sadly can’t find it online and it was a gift!  The paper quality is superb and I’ve been using it to write a tonne of design ideas and upcoming posts for my blog. There’s nothing quite as exciting as a new book to record new ideas in…

3.)Yankee Candle – Small Jar Candle – Bundle Up
I’ve been burning this delicate scented candle…it’s a deft blend of crisp linen, balsam/piney notes which results in a masculine, fresh and wintery combination. It’s perfect to burn outside of the festive season to compliment this frosty January!

4.)  Vasanti Cosmetics Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator with Microderm Exfoliating Crystals – Treats Dull, Uneven Skintone
I received a sample size in my Birchbox subscription a few months ago, I started using it and have already added it to my Amazon basket to repurchase, so instantaneous was my love. It’s an intensely fine facial scrub that really buffs away any dry, tired bits, leaving my skin polished, silky and the softest its ever felt. Note: it is also one of those extra friendly wonder products which is 99% natural, paraben free, not tested on animals and vegan!


5.) Erm… this adorkable fluffy pom pom key ring!?!? My reasons for buying being… It’s very soft and  it’s a subtle beautiful shade of grey. I bought it from a gorgeous stall in Farnham, Surrey so can’t link it! Cute riiiight?