Link Love… August #1

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A trail of links of my monthly interests for your perusal… Eats

  • Doesn’t this vegetarian curry look beyond tempting? Goop have lots of tasty veggie recipes and I can’t wait to make this one next weekend…
  • Check out this menu, this restaurant is in the beautiful city of Winchester… I really want to eat here!
  • “Watch how this supermarket got people to buy their rubbish” Incredible mini documentary… I *really* hope this concept comes to British supermarkets.
  • My boyfriend and I cooked these super tasty salmon burgers this week and they were delicious, packed full of chilli and peppers for extra flavour (And a skinny option too, bonus points!)



  • As part of my U.S “The Office” obsession, I decided to read this collection of short stories by one of the writers, B. J. Novak. Whilst a handful of the stories are good, I’ve found the collection disappointingly hit and miss, and rather underwhelming…
  • I hired this really great book from the university library to read, particularly the chapter “Boxing with Ghosts: The Shakespeare Films of Kenneth Branagh”. If you’re a Branagh/Shakespeare fan you will enjoy this 🙂
  • Another of the many books I have read this month is “GirlBoss“, I jumped on the hype-wagon and found it suprisingly inspiring, motivating and pure badass easy read!
  • This is a perfectly compiled reading list, regardless of season and love many of the titles listed…

And the crazy, funny rest…


Date Night, or, The Best Fries I Have Ever Eaten.

This is a post dedicated to the best fries I have ever eaten in my life.

YES, FRIES. Get on board now and bare with me, it will make this all a little easier…  Fries are one of my favourite snacks and whilst these are a far stretch from a healthy Alkaline green smoothie, if you are going to indulge in a little decadence you need to go all out with these:

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These are truffle and parmesan fries and they are the most incredible pub snack you will ever eat. They are the creation of The Thomas Lord,  a  traditional period, country pub that does astoundingly good food which supersedes your average local. My boyfriend and I both live in “middle of nowhere” villages and on one of our first dates,  he took me to the Thomas Lord. It was love at first bite.

They are cooked multiple times in order to create the perfectly crisp outer skin that crunches with each delicious mouthful. Not only is the texture sublime but for added taste they are cooked in flavoursome truffle oil. This  is not an over powering flavoured oil, it lends a distinctive richness and mouth-watering scent that I have not experienced or tasted previously. They are finished with a light coating of salty, parmesan shavings that are the final scrumptious seal.

As you can see, I enjoy these with a large glass of Rose whilst my boyfriend opts for a local ale, Ringwood.

If you are ever in the county of Hampshire and are headed South, I would highly recommend dropping by this beautiful little Bistro, it is one of my favourite places to curl up on an old creased leather sofa, with a lovely glass of wine, catching up with my love and tucking into some tasty eats.


Charlotte xx